There are few things that make me as happy as disney. I love everything about it. As someone who is eager yet terrified at the thought of growing up and if the opportunity arose, would certainly be living in ‘Never Never Land’ I think the idea of Disneyland is and was ingenious. The fact that we are able to almost return to our childhood makes me so happy. People who haven’t been will not understand fully the magic that disneyland exploits. See, it just seems like your average theme park spectacle… until your there, and in fact, often it’s not until your home again that you realise how magical the experience truly was. From the sweet smelling food stands to the loud fairytale music and detailed attractions it stimulates all 5 senses incredibly well.
Another thing I adore about disneyland is it is the worlds second home. Everyone is a part of it- everyone can love and enjoy it and everyone truly feels at home there. There is no age range for who can enjoy it either. The pretty lights and spectacular music captures the imagination of even a newborn baby and the large range of shows, weather a Lion King pantomime or a classical music piece, allow disney to cater for the needs of anyone up to 100+. Of course Walt didn’t forget all the ages in-between as disney provides more than enough rides, and a huge variety of them, so there are enough to go around and most definitely something for everyone.
It’s my favourite place in the world and I love every second of being there. The thought of returning to disneyland gives me butterfly’s, silly as it may seem and when I’m down or even when I’m over the moon, happy there is no place I would rather be, than disney.



For me, leaving high school and going to college was one of the best things I have ever done. I have adapted to many changes in my life recently (some good and some bad) but this was a good way of making a fresh start and commemorating the changes. I love who I am becoming as I change and grow as a person, developing my own opinions, styles and critics. At first I presumed some of these changes would have, not only a predominantly negative output but literally only a negative output in my life. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I know now that I am more independent because of the choices I have made and situations in which I have been placed. I am more productive as a person, slightly more organised (although organisation has never been my favourite thing), a lot more driven and am learning insane amounts along the way, not only in my education on the path to getting my dream job but through life skills in general. 

Getting through tough times is actually a very satisfying part of life. You realise your a fighter and you are more than capable of dealing with stress and pressure and most importantly change. There always is a light at the end of the tunnel and as I near mine I would like to assure everyone who is just entering a dark tunnel to carry on through it- even if you feel lost and blinded by the darkness, maybe even scared, you will get through it. The best part is the light at the other end is brighter and more desirable because you earned the light and because you found your way. Your on the road to becoming a new and improved you.

A Brief History of Fashion

A Copy based on research for a fashion publication

Going through the century we begin to realise, while fashion through time changes rapidly, from trend to trend- often hard to keep up with, it also changes almost painfully slowly. People don’t find new trends easy to follow.  As a whole people don’t like change and it takes a while for people to agree that a certain ‘look’ is fashionable. As Baudet (1999) says in A Century of Fashion, ‘What is fashion but a series of trends?’ As he explains that trends are ‘often slow to take a hold- they blaze a while before gradually dying out.’ He compares this process to that of a ‘matchstick’. Fashion has grown increasingly over this last century. Its power over society is overwhelming. Fashion plays a huge part in determining how people portray themselves, feel about themselves and by basic standard, the way someone dresses and presents themselves. Fashion also has a social aspect as well as proving to be some people’s hobby/leisure activity, weather that be shopping, reading fashion magazines or styling and researching trends. Fashion, has played a huge part in history. Baudot (1999) says ‘Until after the second world war, you could almost always tell exactly who you were dealing with, simply by their clothes.’ Weather this is a good or bad thing, personally I am still undecided but it shows that fashion was also a way of showing your economic standard or place in the social hierarchy, if you will. I suppose much like it is today. Designer brands are still sought after and the most expensive clothes are often identifiable, for example a Céline tote handbag has a very iconic structure- each bag costing around £2000 at the least. This bag is often carried around by celebrities and so is a symbol of probably having a lot of money (considering you have £2000 to spend on a handbag) however, not everyone will know the value of the bag and there are also knock-off replicas selling for £30 or less. Mostly after the Second World War privileges were advertised less and social, cultural and economic standards were glossed over.

Referring back to World War II, (1940) what impact did war have in 1940’s to fashion? And how were the styles of women’s fashion influenced by World War II? Well as a starting point one tendency that stuck was the trend to adapt several military styles of coats and capes. Richness of tones and combinations of colour was also inspired by the war. For example; warm browns and greens. A very economical item for home wear was a simple blouse and tunic of black taffeta; the edge of the neck and front may be loosely button-holed with heavy black silk, and the long-ended sash round the waist edged in the same manner. Generally, it was certainly wise to include black amongst one’s gowns at this time, as multiple grieving occasions arose; it was more courteous to wear this colour, for the sake of the feelings of others.

Modern day fashion on the other hand- from 2010 onwards, colours such as teal, cobalt blue, pink and neon yellow have been popular for t-shirts and jackets, along with skinny jeans. As well as browns, greys, blues, and distressed stonewash denim. Vintage clothing too has remained popular, although becoming increasingly common to cut unused stock of older fabric to modern patterns. Throughout the decade, men and women from wealthy backgrounds continue wearing expensive designer clothing. Brands popular in Europe and the US include Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, H and M, and more. Continuing on from the late 2000s, fashion derived from the nerd subculture and hipster subculture became a mainstream trend among European, American and Australasian men and women in their late teens to 30s.

Having explored almost every aspect of fashion trends, it’s hard to tell how fashion will be in the future. You can’t necessarily predict fashion but that’s the magic of it. Often old trends are reinvented or a whole new set of trends will be developed. One thing is for certain, we cannot wait to find out!


~Eleanor Kitson



The once humid air breathed in, now cold,
More candles, scarves and pumpkins sold.
Leaves, now shades of orange fall,
Ghosts, monsters and witches call.
It seems the second September dare arrive,
Most want summer months to revive.
However, for me this is not true,
Autumn is a season I take kindly to.
I love to see the chimney smoke,
The pretty colours it will evoke.
I like to watch the balding trees,
On crisp October mornings like these.
Although the rain to most is dismal,
It makes me happy- harsh rain, soft drizzle.
I like to listen to it’s sound,
As it hits my window and the ground.
-Ellie xo

Pathway to Journalism

imageHello Hello!
This is my first blog post and, as much as I have read about a million blog posts over the last couple of years, I can tell it is going to take me a while to get used to blogging myself. What I am trying to say is if I begin to ramble or this post lacks any interesting content, please be patient with me and hopefully I will get the hang of it sooner rather than later!
This post is entitled ‘Pathway to Journalism’ as essentially that is the name of the course I recently started at college. I figured if I am doing a diploma journalism I should probably start a blog, this did make me quite anxious though as you are ultimately sharing your innermost feelings online, then posting them to your twitter for everyone you know (and everyone you don’t know, for that matter!!) to see. I’m trying not to think about that part though. As much as, like every other blogger,  I would be thrilled with lots of views/followers on my blog it would also scare me a little and I might have to push that thought to the back of my mind!
As I was saying I am now a college student. I miss school a lot at the moment and I am beginning to understand that annoying quote ‘you don’t know what you had until it’s gone.’ So although I am having a hard time with that, I am also enjoying college life, meeting new people and actually becoming a lot more independent.
At the moment i am also constantly looking at university’s and degree’s for in two years time (which I love doing but I am still unsure weather my home bird self will ever let me move out of home!) I love my family more than anything and we are very close knit and, I’m not even over exaggerating when I say this, I miss them when I go away on a trip for a week or even weekend, so understandably the concept of moving out scares me more ALOT.
Moving on, I have been sure i wanted to work in journalism from a young age. Okay, so what girl doesn’t want to work for a glossy magazine, in London or New York City interviewing celebrities and going to fashion weeks and catwalks for a living, right?! But i am determined to make this my reality and of course, I am aware that journalism isn’t always so glamorous and us interns are often stuck making coffee’s and doing the rubbish jobs before we are even considered to work behind a desk and go to events, but I am prepared to put in the hours and work hard (as long as it pays of in the end!)
I am very much a realist and I do always think realistically about my life and hopes and dreams but, as you can probably already see, I am a dreamer and I think up all these incredible things I will do ‘when I am older’ which I know will (most likely) not happen I am accustom to being a bit of a dreamer, but aren’t we all?
My plan B is teaching children of primary age so 4-7 years old. I think after leaving school and realising how much I loved it, it would be lovely to be able to go back there in a sense and become a part of other children’s school experience. I have always loved children and I know this, too would be a job that I would enjoy. Personally i feel the most important factors in finding the job I want to do, when it’s time, is how much I will enjoy it. I don’t want to be, at this stage, thinking about money and both of these potential jobs have good wages which can turn into brilliant wages – so I am not worried about finding the best payed job; I want to find a career that I will enjoy as it is going to be a big part of my life!
I hope I haven’t bored you too much and if you got to the end of this post you probably deserve a well done. As I have said hopefully blogging will become easier and my posts will become better with time! Practise makes perfect and this was just a quick (well, not so) little post to introduce myself.
Ellie xo